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Jailbreak Gamemode Guide

Jailbreak Guide

Welcome to AedusMC Jailbreak. This gamemode is a cops and robbers type game with actively working heists and much more! Below is a guide to help you get started and understand how the game works, along with explaining the many features it presents.

General Features

In order to play on this gamemode, you will need to have the server resource pack. To enable it, add the server to your Minecraft multiplayer list.

While you add the server, make sure you click the "Server Resource" button and set it to Enabled or Prompt.

Click "Done" and join the server normally.

When you first join the game, you will be prompted with a team selector GUI. The blue panes represent the cop team and the orange represents the prisoners team. Select one to get started.

As a cop, you will be spawned in with a keycard, a basic gun, handcuffs and a taser.

If you would like to switch teams during the game, run the command “/team switch”.

There will be lots of interaction with different objects.
Whenever you see this, it will be a right click interaction with the exception of arresting.


Either right click the item in slot 8 or type “/gamemenu” to open up a general game settings GUI

The minecart button opens up the Vehicle settings menu.
The pickaxe button allows you to upgrade your pickaxe for the mine robbery.
The carrot allows you to toggle the alarm sounds when robberies are in progress.
The sign button allows you to view robbery stats.
This includes how many of each robbery type you have completed.
The player head button allows you to switch teams.
The emerald button displays the voting links in chat. Voting gives you rewards.


The game features the usage of land and air vehicles to get around the map.

Command Reference:

There are several buttons in this menu that can help you customize your vehicle but I will go over the main ones in this guide.

The key is to toggle locking your car. Once locked, other players cannot enter your vehicle

If you don’t wanna keep toggling on and off, there is an auto-lock button which can help lock the car for you!

This button essentially kicks passengers out of your vehicle.

With this button, you can paint your car whatever color you want! If you purchase a rank, you will unlock more colors.

The rest of the buttons in the menu refer to upgrades for the vehicles!

Left or right click a vehicle to enter.
Crouch button to dismount.

Car controls:
W, A, S, D for directional movement.
Hold space for activating nitro fuel.

Helicopter Controls:
W, A, S, D for directional movement.
Hold space to ascend.
Double tap space to descend.
Tap space while descending to stop descending.


Toyota Corolla
Price: Free
Number of Seats: 4

Porsche Cayenne
Price: 100,000
Number of Seats: 4

Price: 550,000
Number of Seats: 2

Tesla Roadster
Price: 1,200,000
Number of Seats: 2


Price: 250,000
Number of Seats: 6

Price: 2,000,000
Number of Seats: 2


Guns are going to be the main method of combat in this game. In the map, there is a gun shop where you can purchase guns with the money you earn from robberies and arresting people.

Gun Controls:
- Shooting = right click
- Reloading = Left click

There is also an item for tasing and arresting which you will have as a police officer.

In order to tase someone, aim at then and right click

To arrest someone, you would need to hit them several times with the handcuffs until the action bar fills up.

M9 - Pistol

AK-47 - Rifle

Remington 870 - Shotgun

Galtling Gun - Minigun

AWP - Sniper


Pickaxe Upgrades

Somewhere in the map, there will be a pickaxe that you can grab to help you with a specific task...

With that pickaxe, there are several upgrades you can purchase with in-game money which increases the tier, effciency, and durability.

Run "/pick" or "/pick upgrade" to open the upgrade menu

Each button corresponds to a higher tier starting with Tier 1.

Tier 1 - Wooden Pickaxe

Tier 2 - Golden Pickaxe

Tier 3 - Stone Pickaxe

Tier 4 - Iron Pickaxe

Tier 5 - Diamond Pickaxe

Tier 6 - Diamond Pickaxe
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