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  1. MysticElephant


    Did you wanna have your account deleted?
  2. MysticElephant


    Can you please move this to feature request?
  3. MysticElephant


    Balance should be better.
  4. MysticElephant

    Crystal PVP @melephant

    Interesting. Also testing out new signature
  5. MysticElephant


    Voting Guide Voting for the server will grant you in game rewards and there are 3 vote links. Each vote grants you the same reward. Disclaimer: You must be online on the Jailbreak gamemode in order to receive the rewards. Voting Rewards $1,000 in-game money 250 XP 150 Nitro Fuel Voting...
  6. MysticElephant

    How do you apply for mod?

    We will open up Mod apps on release day.
  7. MysticElephant

    Are we aloud to use Custom Clients on AedusMC

    Hack Clients should not be used on the server and if you are caught turning on exploits, you will be banned.
  8. MysticElephant


    CPS display, keystrokes, fps, armour hud, are allowed but voxel/minimap mods are not allowed.
  9. MysticElephant

    Pocket edition??

    No we do not. I've specified the reasoning in the FAQ portion in announcements.
  10. MysticElephant


    Please refer to this for your answer: https://aedusmc.com/threads/welcome-to-aedusmc.38/ You might want it but we unfortunately cannot implement it due to compatibility issues for the server and gamemode. ----Thread Locked----
  11. MysticElephant

    General Form Test Message

    The answer to your question is linked on FAQ which you can find on our home page or here: https://aedusmc.com/threads/welcome-to-aedusmc.38/
  12. MysticElephant

    Can I join in mobile??

    No, it is Java on PC only. We are not supporting bedrock edition. ----Thread Locked----
  13. MysticElephant


    Lunar Client and Badlion along with Optifine is allowed on the server.
  14. MysticElephant

    who else thinks cracked server is the best thing for the free players!

    We will never support cracked for any MC servers User will own for the forseeable future. Thank you, AedusMC Staff ----Thread Locked----
  15. MysticElephant

    Jailbreak Gamemode Guide

    Jailbreak Guide Welcome to AedusMC Jailbreak. This gamemode is a cops and robbers type game with actively working heists and much more! Below is a guide to help you get started and understand how the game works, along with explaining the many features it presents. General Features...
  16. MysticElephant

    Does anyone want an Aedus MC Wiki before release?

    I am posting a guide later this week which will explain the gamemode in depth.
  17. MysticElephant


    Will update store site once we get details finalized.