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    Are we allowed to use clients?

    I feel like some clients which don't effect the game play would be fine but if it effects game play then nope. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS WHAT I THINK BUT I AM NOT STAFF!
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    Why P2W????

    I don't really see how it is pay to win as the ranks don't give you a massive advantaged and you can win without buying a rank. To be fair the ranks are quite cheap as well for them.
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    Please do not post things like this as it is off-topic to this section of the forums and is classed as "spam" as these posts clog up the forums.
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    This is the incorrect area for this post. This should be in off-topic as you do not need support and does not link into the server.
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    Speculations and concerns for the server.

    So with the funds concern I feel like because MyUserNameIsThis is such a big youtuber I really don't think it would run out and even if it did I don't see it becoming pay to win.
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    Hello My fellow robloxians

    I believe this in the incorrect area. You should put this in off topic not in General Discussion.
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    How do you apply for mod?

    What I don't understand is I applied for mod already before as it allowed me to?
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    Are we aloud to use Custom Clients on AedusMC

    What if it was not a hacked client but one where you can change diffrent things do ur likeing?
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    what time will the release be on sturday GMT?

    If the server comes out as planned and stated on Discord it should come out at 8:00
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    March 24th... 3 DAYS TO GOOO!!!

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    AedusMC #Hype

    OMG I am! I was hyped at the test run as well.
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    Hello everybody I just wanted to know when the game is going to come out, so excited!

    As stated by Galaxy it should be coming out today if everything goes as planned!
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    Will AedusMC be similar to Jailbreak?

    Of course the physics will be different due to it being in Minecraft but I feel the gameplay could be slightly the same. ALso it will be diffrent in the map will not be the same I belive. This is just my prediction. No one but the admins and developers know what it really will be like but from...