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Aedus Jailbreak Version 2

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We are proud to release version 2 of the Jailbreak gamemode on AedusMC. Since the launch, we have noticed many bugs that made the game seem unplayable. Many of those bugs have now been fixed along with improvements to previous mechanics.

In addition, a new and improved larger map has been made to support this update! Below is just the city portion of the map with more to explore!


Huge map renovation.
Huge improvements in gun mechanics and bug patches.
Weapons now use raytracing (hitscan) instead of snowball projectiles.
Added particle trail projectile and color is customizable based on rank.
Added initial cooldown to weapons, duration varying based on how recent you switched off the weapon (prevents gun swapping/spamming).
Added a reload animation and animated action bar.
Added an animation for item equip.
Purchase confirmation for weapons have changed.
Each gun has a...

May Build Event - {Robbery build}

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This event will revolve around robberies! We want to see your cool and creative ideas come to life on the server! You will be given a 100x100 plot to create your ideas and submit them!


- All builds must be PG // keep things appropriate
- AedusMC event server side bar must be shown in all photo and video submissions
- All builds must be 100% yours, no plagiarism
- No more than 2 people per plot working on a build (owner of plot must submit build and give credit to partner who helped)
- All builds must be 3D, no pixel art


You have from May 14th till June 14th to jot down ideas, create your build, and submit your creation!

Builds will be scored based on the following:

- Creativity and originality

- How well it...

Aedus Update 4/10

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Missions are finally here! You can now use missions to earn extra cash, xp, and nitro fuel!

In order to start missions, you need to use the command /Missions you will then click which mission you would like to start. Many to choose from in each section, daily, weekly, lifetime.



Baltop leaderboard! You can now race for that number on spot on baltop. Race your friends or frenemies for that top spot for an extra flex of your cash!

To find the leaderboard you will need to do command /baltop


Bug fixes (behind the scenes):
- Military helicopter
- Gun balancing

Stay up to date on our weekly giveaways on both Twitter and our Discord!
Earn anything from...

Jailbreak Gamemode Guide

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Jailbreak Guide

Welcome to AedusMC Jailbreak. This gamemode is a cops and robbers type game with actively working heists and much more! Below is a guide to help you get started and understand how the game works, along with explaining the many features it presents.

General Features

In order to play on this gamemode, you will need to have the server resource pack. To enable it, add the server to your Minecraft multiplayer list.

While you add the server, make sure you click the "Server Resource" button and set it to Enabled or Prompt.
[IMG width="395px"...

Welcome to AedusMC!

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Welcome to the AedusMC website! Here you will find important information regarding our Minecraft server and community.

Welcome to AedusMC! You have likely seen the trailer for our first game mode, Jailbreak, before visiting this site. If you have not seen the trailer, it can be found here. We are just as excited about this game as you are. Currently at the time of making the original post, things are being polished. However, feel free to discuss things on our forums or Discord server but please, keep it civil.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the server:

Q: What version of Minecraft do I need?

A: Java edition version 1.16.4 or higher. Make sure resource packs are enabled, otherwise you will be...